Build Update 10/5/2017

TOME Demo Update 3
-By Mike

This update includes many fixes designed to address user feedback in terms of stability, optimization, and overall enjoyment of the game.

Bugs and Fixes
The following are bugs that have been fixed in this build of the game:

  • Game occasionally soft-locks during status ailment messages - FIXED
  • Game soft-locks when enemies attack you with the pause menu open - FIXED
  • Characters killed by Curse status still get their turn - FIXED (Curse occurs at the end of your turn, not the beginning)
  • Nylocke's sprite snaps back to the ground in the final cutscene - FIXED
  • Shots occasionally allow "dud" shots where no projectile comes out due to enemies being dead - FIXED

Bugs that are probably fixed but require more data in order to be verified include:

  • Game occasionally soft-locks after closing the pause menu - PROBABLY FIXED

Controller Support

  • Added support for WiiU Pro Controller via Mayflash Adapter
  • Added support for PS4 Controller

Button labels will still display Xbox 360 buttons, but they should at least be mapped accurately. Note that 360 and Xbox One controllers are already supported.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Standard attacks have been tweaked to make chaining combos easier.
  • Shot attacks have been tweaked to have much stronger feedback and to be easier to use, with an onscreen button prompt assigned to them.
  • Elemental damage calculations have been tweaked.
  • Alpha and Flamey's team attack is now available during either characters' turn. It will use the partner character's next turn, but provided they haven't already either lost it due to a team attack or due to paralysis they should be able to participate.
  • Hitting opponents that are weak against certain damage types will now display a hit spak graphic with the color of the element, signifying that a damage bonus has occurred.
  • Hitting opponents that are strong against certain damage types will display a disappointing smoke poof, signifying that the opponent resisted the element in question.
  • A message box appears displaying the name of attacks that are being used by the enemy.
  • Rockoon's AI has been tweaked to use Bomb-Rock Frenzy  less often.
  • Puddin's AI is now more unpredictable and she is more likely to use physical attacks.
  • Ronnieditor's AI is now more aggressive.
  • Multiple moves have had their damage values tweaked, especially shot-types.
  • Numerous sound effects have been added.


  • We've tweaked all the sprite atlases and compression settings thereof in order to use a great deal less texture memory.

Known Issues

  • Texture memory is still pretty consumptive.
  • Paralysis message will occasionally display in the wrong order (paralysis ends, but character has lost their turn to paralysis).
  • Keyboard controls aren't very intuitive
  • Menus generally need improvement
  • Items need to be useable outside of battle
  • White Hat Hacker could use expanded list of abilities

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