Build Update 10/6/2017

By Mike

This update concerns a few additional fixes, now available in Demo 03_1.

Bug Fixes

  • Bolt Bash causes a null ref crash - FIXED
  • Paralyze and end paralysis messages contradict each other - FIXED -- Paralysis now disappears at the start of the last turn
  • Ballug sound effects play spottily - FIXED
  • Rockoon deals 0 damage to Flamegirl - FIXED
  • Soft lock when Curse status effect ends - FIXED
  • Alpha not doing all six hits in his combo - FIXED

Gameplay Improvements

  • All of the White Hat's shooting skills are now stronger, roughly on par with Flamegirl if you select a Caster type.


TOME Prototype Demo Build 03-1 184 MB
Oct 06, 2017

Get Terrain of Magical Expertise (Prototype Demo)

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